Heather Stratman, founder and owner of Principle Strategic Advisors, offers strategic consulting, public policy development government affairs and legislative  advocacy services for both public and private sector clients. Heather has two decades of experience in the industry and is a respected advocacy and policy advisor.  


Heather's depth of knowledge and years of experience navigating through local, state and federal agencies and legislative bodies has proven successful for the more than 50 clients she has represented in just the past two decades.  Her ability to problem-solve, create strategies and execute a client's agenda makes her well known in the industry.


Her work on behalf of government agencies, nonprofits. and private sector organizations has resulted in securing millions of dollars in state and federal infrastructure funding for critical public projects, as well as implementing polices and programs to align client goals.   Heather works with her clients to successfully shepherd legislation through the California State Legislature, as well as defend clients against punitive legislative measures. 


Samples of her work include, but are not limited to: 


  • Development of the Orange County Housing Finance Trust (AB 448).

  • Passage of AB 342 (Daly) - low/moderate affordable Housing.

  • Sober Living Reform Legislation and Policy Development.

  • Development and implementation of large scale community outreach and engagement plans. 

  • More than $3 million in funding for the Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System through the Integrated Regional Water Management Program, administered through the Department of Water Resources. 

  • Passage and signing of SB 1251 (Huff, 2014) which amended the Public Employee Pension Act for the purpose of Joint Power Authority creation to consolidate municipal services.

  • Securing $3 million for the City of Tehachapi Wastewater Treatment Facility, the maximum available for principle forgiveness loans, through the State Water Resources Control Board's Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program. 

  • Advocacy efforts to ensure appropriate project eligibility and funding amounts within Proposition 1 (water bond) for water recycling projects. 

  • Development and approval of an Integrated Regional Water Management plan, allowing the approved sub-region to compete for capital infrastructure funding for water management projects. 

  • Passage and signing of SB 946 (Huff, 2014) which amended the Governing Act of the Orange County Sanitation District.