Legislative and Funding Advocacy 


Advocacy services are utilized for clients interested in directly influencing legislative and administrative activities that impact their interests, institution or operations.  


Legislative Advocacy is primarily focused on working with local, state and federal governments and appropriate stakeholder groups to influence legislation and policy.  Clients may wish to engage in legislative advocacy activities for the purposes of monitoring legislation, supporting or opposing legislation and even designing specific legislation to solve a particular problem.


Principle Strategic Advisors helps clients structure their legislative advocacy agenda so that it is effectively targeted at addressing their needs.  Relationships, outreach and education, as well as communication is critical to advocating for policy and legislative goals.   


Funding Advocacy focuses on the ability to activity pursue financial assistance for programs and projects.  Clients may be interested in applying for grant funding and seek to work with elected officials, staff members and stakeholders in support of funding requests to aid in a successful award or procurement of funding.


Principle Strategic Advisors offers both legislative and funding advocacy services for clients.  Many clients choose to combine these two services to maximize their external government affairs goals.   


Funding Advocacy opportunities include, but are not limited to: 


  • Local and Regional Grant Funding Programs 

  • State Grant Funding Programs 

  • Federal Grant Funding Programs

  • Private Foundation Grant Programs 

  • Procurements 

  • Budget Authorizations 


Principle Strategic Advisors can craft a funding advocacy program that is tailored toward an organization's short and long term goals.  There are many different funding opportunities that can be applied to individual programs and projects that help offset the cost of financing.  Principle Strategic Advisors is highly experienced in identifying appropriate funding sources, matching those with projects and successfully obtaining the funding by crafting applications and the necessary support to be sucessful.  




Government Affairs & Strategic Consulting 


Clients interested in strategic consulting services often have a very specific agenda that may include the desire to forge partnerships and expand program and project opportunities, while others are interested in engaging in public outreach and education campaigns to garner support for their organization's goals and mission.  


Principle Strategic Advisors can help you craft an agenda that solves your challenges and offers realistic solutions to drive your agenda.  No two client agendas are ever identical, and Principle Strategic Advisors understands the importance of customizing an implementation plan to achieve results.  


Strategic Consulting opportunities include, but are not limited to: 


  • Inter-governmental Partnership Development 

  • Public/Private Partnership Development 

  • Outreach and Education 

  • Facilitation and Planning 

  • Project Management 

  • Staff Augmentation 

  • Association Management

Regulatory Reform


Clients in need of pursuing regulatory reform may chose to opt to work with agencies and departments to seek reform without the legislative route.  Seeking regulatory relief presents an opportunity to work with stakeholders to craft and develop policy.  Principle Strategic Advisors has navigated dozens of clients through local, regional, state and federal agency reform efforts including but not limited to: 

  • State of California

    • Dept. of Finance

    • Dept of Housing and Community Development

    • Dept of Health

    • Dept of Water Resources

    • State Water Resources Control Board

    • Wildlife Conservation Board

    • Dept of Parks and Recreation

    • Dept of Natural Resources 

    • Dept of General Services

  • Federal Government

    • Army Corps of Engineers

    • Dept of Interior

    • Dept of Justice

    • Dept of Transportation

    • Dept of Energy

    • Bureau of Reclamation

    • Housing and Urban Development

    • FAA

    • HUD